Childrens Services

Children's Services

United Health provides children’s services through Barford Children’s Services Ltd, an integrated Residential service providing Care, Education and Therapy for children with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties. We have four registered homes (one with a registered school on site), a 39-week residential special school, and Oakwood School, an independently registered development. We also provide an integrated therapy service that is available to all children, at all of our homes and schools.

We seek to help a broad range of young people deal with a variety of emotional and behavioural issues. Some may have found it difficult to achieve their full potential in the mainstream sector and struggled to cope with its demands, whilst others may simply need input from a specialist school as an adjunct to their mainstream education.

Whatever the specific requirement may be, we aim to provide the best and most appropriate care and support for each individual child. At the same time we also recognise the crucial importance of a parent, guardian or other significant adult, and we place them at the centre of our thinking as well as the child in question.

We pride ourselves on offering safe and structured environments where young people can explore their own changing personalities and skills in the knowledge that they will be fully supported both personally and emotionally through their development and education. Our staffing levels provide 1:1 care and 2:1 care and support as and when required. All staff receive training, as required by the Childrens Homes Regulations and Quality Standards, with additional training and support in therapeutic interventions. We can also provide additional family therapy when required and group work.

Our service always aims to fully assess an individual child’s needs and provide the best therapeutic treatment for them so that they can learn to:

  • Make sense of their feelings
  • Develop healthy attachments
  • Develop new ways of relating to both other children and adults

The full education curriculum is offered with ASDAN and AQA and this is capable of supporting young people who may have been disengaged from education and who have complex behavioural needs. We have established links with a number of placing authorities and work closely with other agencies, including CAMHS, LSCB, YOS and the Police to ensure that we provide the highest quality care packages possible.

While we frequently offer settled placements of 6 months and more, our admission procedures are sufficiently flexible to take account of urgent situations.

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