Hydrotherapy Terms & Conditions

All groups are required to complete screening forms for each individual before their first session to ensure awareness of contra-indications which must be updated when any medication changes occur. Please ensure that correct swimwear is worn at all times, we request that you shower appropriately before you enter the pool and also on your exit and only then to use toiletries of choice.

We request that each session lasting one hour takes into account: changing, showering and pool use and for users to respect the session time. We have zero tolerance to any form of verbal or physical abuse; we also have a no smoking policy inside the buildings.

We ask that before booking all customers visit our facilities to ensure that it is suitable for their use.
There is no parking available on site.
All groups are to sign themselves in and out of the pool to comply with company fire policy.
It is company policy that at least 24 hours notification is given to United Health Ltd, should a group wish to make a cancellation, failing such notice from a user group, the session will be charged.
To cancel booking please call 0114 254 0875

Should consecutive sessions be cancelled each one will be charged in order to reserve the overall booking of the time slot. If the user does not agree to this the booking will be deemed cancelled in its entirety and offered to the next group or person on the waiting list.

The provider reserves the right to cancel without notice in the unlikely event of plant failure/emergency closure of the pool.
Any damage to the equipment or interior of the pool or its surroundings will be the responsibility of the user group at that point and will be charged to that group. Any abuse of the pool will result in cessation of bookings until a satisfactory outcome is reached. Any contamination of the water which includes faecal incontinence which results in necessary remedial action will be charged to the group.

Current charges are £45.00 per hour; a session is classed as 1 hour inclusive of changing times. The charge for 1 hour inclusive of changing times plus physiotherapy treatment in the water is £60. Payment will be made following submission of an invoice within thirty days or by cash prior to the commencement of the session; the provider will review charges for the use of the hydrotherapy H2O pool each April.